Live Art Pavilion

About This Project

The shape of the pavilion comes from the inspiration of the seafaring city of Barcelona, ​​the geometries of Gaudì, the concept of catenary. The Live Art Pavilion is located in a very open square between the Ramblas del Mar and the Barcelona Aquarium. This square is very popular and overlooking the sea allows its users to enjoy the view of numerous monuments of the city, such as the Columbus Monument and the Palazzo della Dogana. The need found in this square is to create an equipped area where you can stop in the shade and be able to relax enjoying full of this beautiful area. This pavilion wants to be the answer to these needs, trying to embark with the pre-existences and the living spirit of the inhabitants of this beautiful city. The creation process of the Live Art Pavilion comes from the study and simulation of pedestrian and bicycle flows inside the lot, which determine the identification of parking areas, transit areas and unused areas. This analysis is integrated with the identification of optical cones, so as to prepare and identify the position of “Anchor Points” that will be the anchor points of the structure that will be born. Constituting a “covering” surface, this is inflated by recreating a catenary surface, typical of Gaudì’s concept of architectural modeling. The treatment of the output mesh is managed on the basis of the total summer quarterly radiation of the place, to be therefore given greater comfort to the user of the structure.

Live Art Pavilion

Reconfigurable Temporary Pavilion in Barcelona

University of Architecture of Florence - MMXX Lab


Barcelona, Spain

Architecture, Research