HuNan Financial District

About This Project

Hunan Financial Center is important work of “the 13th Five-Year Plan” determined by Hunan provincial government, Changsha government and management committee of Xiang River new district. Changsha city mayor HengHua-Hu pointed out “Create Modern Service Trade Industry Belt in the west of the Xiang River. Create Financial District area. Create financial innovation industrial park”. Hunan Financial District is planed inside of Modern Service Trade Industry Belt in the west of the Xiang River. Will be the center of Changsha city according to Overall Plan, Mainly to undertake modern financial business functions. Once completed, it will accommodate about 350,000 employed people and about 160,000 resident people.

Hunan Financial Center scope is located with north to the Second Ring Road, south to the Bin Jiang Landscape Road and Xiao Xiang Road interchange, east to the Xiang Jiang River, west to the Silver road, total scope area almost 2.8 SQKM, Mainly focus around Chang Wang Road, Cha Shan Road and Bin Jiang Landscape Road.

The empty plots of the “financial center core area” can be connected each other by a network of the common space. Firstly we can consider as t he main connection the green belt along the river. That it can be connected with the city by the harbor stations too. Secondly the people mover will give the chance to move for all financial center core area without the help of the private vehicles.

In these case from the beginning the investors can connect their building with all city in ecological way. At the same time the people mover can became a green belt to improve the value of the common space. The green belts and the buildings can build in different timing in autonomous way from each others. To offer the best infrastructures for the private constructions. Step by step according their own scheduling of the investments to complete the whole construction in the financial center core area.

HuNan Financial District

Urban planning for the new Hunan Financial Centre


Changsha city public administration


Competition (4th place)


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