Campus Ferragamo

About This Project

The portion of the territory affected by the new settlement is today in a situation of low territorial efficiency, with respect to which the transformation proposes a redevelopment with effects on an urban and district scale. The public benefits of the intervention are considerable, also in terms of employment effects and revitalization of local economic activities, and appear to be such as to justify widely the urban variant that must be approved for the implementation of the project.

The proposed project consists of a total of the following distinct activities: 4 Medium-sized Non-Food Sales Facilities, 1 Average Food Transfer Sales Structure, Manufacturing / Craft Activities, Private Services / Offices, 1 102-Room Hotel for a Total Living Area of ​​34.683m2. The 5 sales structures, belonging to the category of MSVs (Medium Sales Facilities), are clearly separated both from a construction and functional point of view, being located in independently configured buildings, served by functional and appurtenant parking areas and areas for unloading and loading goods. independent and connected individually with the respective buildings, directly accessible without mixing of entrances and service scales.


Feasibility study new logistics area


Salvatore Ferragamo


Sesto Fiorentino-Florence, Italy


Competition (3th place)


Project/Visual Designer