AirMotion – New Tianjin International Airport


New Tianjin International Airport


Tianjin, China


Master's degree in Architectural Design | Final Dissertation | SUPERVISOR: Prof. Marino Moretti

Architecture, Research
About This Project

The area for the new Tianjin International Airport is located in the Tianjin Binhai New Area, 40 km from the city centre and 150 km from Beijing. This area has been identified as the engine of the next Chinese development. The new terminal will be built on the site currently occupied by the Tianjin Tanggu Airport, and has to have 24 gates, 2 landing/take-off runways 02/20 3600 m x 45 m, a parking area with 5000 covered and 3000 uncovered parking spaces.

The entrance to the Terminal is on the 3rd floor, at a height of 14,50 m. The separation of flows occurs through a division on different levels, adopting ground and first floors for arrivals and second, third and fourth floors for departures.

Since multilevel terminals are by their nature more complex, the objective of the design is to establish efficient patterns of flows and ensure a certain sense of orientation. A multiple levels terminal reduces the distances for travellers and allows a direct access to the aircraft from the upper floor.

Through insulation analysis it is possible to run a preliminary study on the geometry in order to access energy performance and to design a parametric responsive skin according to the values of solar radiation. Photovoltaic panels placed on the roof vary their size depending on the solar radiation in a direct proportional way: it is maximum for the highest values and minimum for lowest values.